About Us


Toptanmanav.com offer solutions to farmers, agricultural companies, import and export companies who have problems in finding a market for the harvest of the crops they grow. It brings together sellers of agricultural products and buyers.

Toptanmanav.com is wholesale crop sharing portal of the farmers, growers and companies. You can market, trade, import and export your products before harvest time or from the warehouse. Fruits, vegetables, dried fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, spices and teas.
Toptanmanav.com provides the following advantages to buyers and importers of agricultural products;
-Fastest access to the product you are looking for only with the necessary and complete information
-Saving time by avoiding the search for products for days
-No need to make hours of phone calls, dozens of e-mails, social media posts
-Pinpointing without having to go dozens of places
-Reduction of travel and accommodation costs
-Finding alternative suppliers, price, quality, location and service in agricultural products
-Direct access to local producers in different countries.

On the other hand, with the advertisements you will publish on toptanmanav.com, you can advertise your crop Internationally within minutes, and sell your products quickly and at a good price, to buyers around the world.

Toptanmanav.com, was established so that farmers and companies can market and sell wholesale agricultural products. You can reach further contacts, extend your markets and networks thanks to toptanmanav.com.

It must be known that, the fastest and easiest communication way is at the internet. Toptanmanav.com show your company or name on the internet and makes you accessible to everyone. 

- Ahmet Okan intaş, Founder of Toptan Manav